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A graphic of Henry Flagler and two students with the phrase, 'Fearless About the Future, Strategic Plan 2025'

Priority 1: Create A Transformative Academic Culture

Goals and Objectives 

Goal 1: Strengthen Liberal Education, Inclusivity, and Citizenship

  • Objective 1: Implement the new Quality Enhancement Plan: “Liberal Education and Citizenship in a Diverse Democracy.”
  • Objective 2: Establish two post-doctoral fellowships for historically marginalized faculty.

Goal 2: Advance the Undergraduate Program through the Reform of General Education and the Addition of New Majors

  • Objective 1: Commence a review and reform of the College’s general education program with the goal of eliminating distribution requirements and establishing core literacy requirements grounded in courses specifically designed for general education.
  • Objective 2: Develop a limited number of new major programs that emphasize high impact practices, integrative learning, and signature work

Goal 3: Develop Integrative Education and Expand High Impact Practices

  • Objective 1: Develop a new Integrative Study requirement for all students.
  • Objective 2: Implement a Center for Campus Innovation and Integration.
  • Objective 3: Conduct a feasibility study on the possibility of establishing a field research station on the College’s Stocking Island property in the Bahamas.
  • Objective 4: Dedicate a full-time staff position or part-time faculty positions to the promotion and development of high impact educational practices beyond study abroad and internships, such as undergraduate research, community integrative education, and learning communities.

Goal 4: Expand Academic Advising and Support

  • Objective 1: Evaluate the current faculty-based advising system and consider reorganizing the Office of the First-Year Experience and the Office of Student Success and Advising into a single office with dedicated staff advisors.
  • Objective 2: Develop a first-year Discovery Program for students undecided on their major field of study.
  • Objective 3: Develop an ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Program to address the educational needs of international students.

Goal 5: Expand Adult, Online, Hybrid, and Continuing Education

  • Objective 1: Integrate the Public Administration program and the Tallahassee campus into the administrative structure and culture of the College.
  • Objective 2: Centralize responsibility for the development of online adult education programs under the Office of Adult and Continuing Education and support these programs with appropriate staffing and resources.
  • Objective 3: Develop two or more online degree completion programs in selected fields.
  • Objective 4: Expand online certification programs.
  • Objective 5: Develop one or more Master’s Degree programs.

Goal 6: Expand Support for Teaching and Professional Development of Faculty

  • Objective 1: Develop a Center for Teaching and Learning.
  • Objective 2: Complete a faculty and staff compensation study and implement an improvement plan.
  • Objective 3: Establish a merit-based fund for faculty professional development.
  • Objective 4: Maintain and gradually improve the current full-time faculty-to-student ratio by adding one new full-time faculty position for every 20 students above 2,500 based upon the annual average enrollment.
  • Objective 5: Consider the adoption of faculty “creativity contracts” that would allow greater flexibility in determining teaching and professional development requirements and responsibilities.



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