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Science Advisory Board members on the beach holding a Flagler College banner

Science Advisory Board

Our mission at Flagler College is to continually strengthen the Department of Natural Sciences into a premier educational program for budding scientists and researchers.


We recruit and retain top-tier students and faculty, develop the infrastructure and resources necessary for the program's expansion, and foster a culture of experiential learning and undergraduate research.

Since 2008, Flagler's Science program has evolved from an Environmental Science minor into the Coastal Environmental Science (CES) major, a Biology minor, and the CES degree's conversion into a Bachelor of Science. With a new Biology major on the horizon, the program's expansion has necessitated the creation of a board to serve as the principle connection between the scientific community and the Department of Natural Sciences at the College. Consequently, the Science Advisory Board (SAB) was launched in September 2020.


The SAB is responsible for raising funds for scholarships and programmatic needs, while providing students with mentorship, leadership and professional development opportunities within the science field. Additionally, the SAB plays a pivotal role in advocating for scientific facilities, faculty, and resources at the College.

Science at Flagler

Coastal Environmental Science is Flagler’s 3rd Largest Major
Students have co-authored manuscripts in Scientific Research Journals
Of the 224 graduates are working as scientists for private labs, consulting firms, and government agencies.


Nicole Pece

Nicole D. Pece

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