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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design

The BFA is a professional degree that focuses on intensive work in graphic design, supported by art foundations and general education. The primary objective of the BFA is to provide professional education in design at the undergraduate level and to enable graduates to enter studio-based careers.

What You'll Study

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) is a selective program at Flagler College. Interested students can apply any semester after successfully completing ART 229 Branding. Applicants will be selected based upon the quality of their branding portfolio and academic performance in art and design courses completed at Flagler College.

BFA students will have the opportunity to develop technical competence, informed aesthetic judgment, and an understanding of the context in which contemporary work is created. 

Practical Experience

The BFA in graphic design will provide opportunities for students to customize their educational experience through additional electives, gain practical experience during an internship, develop a professional-level portfolio, and conduct undergraduate research during a thesis project.

The BFA program will complement our BA in graphic design, as it will further prepare students for professional practice, equip them with leadership skills for project management, and help them to develop as critical, creative thinkers.

Students will be encouraged to submit studio projects to design competitions, like the AIGA Jacksonville Portfolio Review and the American Advertising Federation’s ADDY Awards. Students will have the opportunity to get involved in the creative community through the AIGA Flagler College Chapter, as well as the Flagler College Designathon and Design Week.

What's Next?

The BFA is recommended for students who plan to pursue a career in graphic design and/or a design-related master’s program in graduate school. The program will promote intellectual and transformative learning of students, and prepare them for new career pathways in a competitive job market.


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Program Details

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