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Image of students and art professor Leslee Robison working in the local prison with youth offenders.


What is a FlagSHIP course?

This course will continue the work of the First-Year Seminar on Liberal Education and Citizenship (FYS) by focusing on the development of an inclusive academic community that prepares students to be informed and ethical citizens in a diverse, dynamic, and globalized world. Courses will be offered in an intensive-format Maymester or JanTerm, or a FlagSHIP-dedicated Spring or Summer course, and devoted to topics developed and offered by faculty from any discipline. Course formats may include study abroad or study away, community-integrative education, undergraduate research, or on-campus intensive-format seminar. These intensive and experiential learning opportunities will focus on exposing students to diverse points of view and people, improving intercultural competence and illuminating the complex systems and legacies (social, cultural, environmental, economic, political, and physical) that shape an increasingly interdependent world. Courses will also foster dialogue across differences and build confidence in students’ abilities to participate as citizens in a diverse democracy. Courses will be taken P/F.

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When is FlagSHIP?

For 2021 – 2022

  • JanTerm courses will run from January 3, 2022, to January 13, 2022.
  • Maymester courses will run from May 10, 2022, to May 27, 2022.

For 2022 – 2023

  • JanTerm courses will run
    • on Friday, December 9, 2022. Time to be announced.
    • from January 4, 2023, to January 14, 2023
  • Maymester courses will run from May 9, 2023, to May 26, 2023.
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How can I register?
  • FlagSHIP registration will take place on Thursday, April 21, 2022.
  • You must register for one FlagSHIP course.
  • All FlagSHIP courses use the course code of CDD in MyFlagler.
  • To search for and add FlagSHIP courses in MyFlagler, select 2021-2022 Spring Semester Session C for JanTerm, and 2021-2022 Summer Term Session C for Maymester.
  • All US citizen students registering for JanTerm abroad courses must apply for a US Passport by August 2022. Current passport holders must possess a passport with 6 months of validity from January 2023 (meaning your passport must be valid until at least July 2023). If it is not, you will need to apply for renewal prior to travel. In addition, all students participating in a Flagler travel course must attend a mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation provided by the International Center. Details will be sent following registration.
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How much will FlagSHIP cost me?
  • For on-campus JanTerm Courses, tuition costs are included. For students living on campus during the 2022-2023 Academic Year, room and board are also included.
  • For on-campus Maymester Courses, tuition costs are included. Maymester courses will require a room and board charge for students wishing to reside on-campus. Please contact Stacey Matthews, Budget Director, 904-826-8613 to obtain an approximate cost.
  • For JanTerm and Maymester Study Abroad and Study Away courses, tuition costs are included. These courses have additional costs, and the estimates are included in the course descriptions.
    • There’s a non-refundable trip deposit. The amount and the deposit deadline will be announced soon. This deposit is paid via This deposit goes towards the program fees.
    • Coming Soon - Last day to drop FlagSHIP Travel for a refund of program costs.
    • Coming Soon - Program Balance Due (paid on Student Account in MyFlagler).
  • Some institutional aid will be available to alleviate some travel costs for students with demonstrated financial need (per their FAFSA). Information on how to apply will be announced on this webpage soon.
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Do I have to take a FlagSHIP course that is in my major, or if I’m an honors student, do I need to take an honors section of FlagSHIP?

No, you do not. FlagSHIP courses are not designated as any specific major or as honors. All FlagSHIP courses are coded as CDD, for Citizenship, Diversity, and Democracy. We encourage you to choose a course and an experience that interests you, regardless of your major.

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