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Grades and Transcripts

The evaluative process at Flagler College places emphasis on all aspects of the student's academic performance. Class attendance, participation, reports, projects and test grades are considered in determining final grades. Continuous evaluative efforts, facilitated by a favorable faculty-student ratio, serve to identify learning deficiencies before the end of the course, thus enabling instructors to provide individual assistance when needed. A period for final examinations is scheduled for the last week of the fall and spring terms. Comprehensive examinations may be given in major fields of concentration during the final semester of the senior year.

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The Registrar maintains student academic records and provides all official transcripts.

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Grading of Academic Work

Final grades are recorded on the student’s permanent record after each semester and at the end of summer school session. The grading system is as follows:



Quality Points

Numerical Equivalent




93 - 100




90 - 92




87 - 89




83 - 86




80 - 82




77 - 79




73 - 76




70 - 72




67 - 69




60 - 66




59 and Lower











No Grade



Withdraw Failing





Calculating Grade Point Average

For the purpose of computing a student's grade point average, 4 quality points are given for each semester hour of A, 3 for each hour of B, 2 for each hour of C, and 1 for each hour of D. A grade of F or WF is counted as zero. The grade point average is calculated by dividing the hours attempted into the total quality points.

Note: A student may earn no more than two grades of D+ or below in the courses of a major, including ancillary courses, and only one grade of D+ or below in the courses of a minor. An ancillary course is any course selected from among several course options that can be taken to fulfill the requirements of a major.

Incomplete Grade

A grade of "I" (Incomplete) is assigned by the instructor when a student is unable to complete a course due to extenuating circumstances and when all requirements can be completed in a short time following the end of a term. In the absence of justifiable cause, an incomplete grade will not be assigned. In order to receive an incomplete grade, a student must process a Request for Incomplete Grade form.

The student is responsible for making arrangements with the instructor to complete the course requirements and remove the incomplete grade within eight weeks following the term in which the incomplete grade was received. The eight-week period is the maximum time allowed, and the instructor should establish an earlier date, if possible. Students who fail to complete the course requirements within the prescribed period will automatically receive a grade of F for the course

Incomplete grades are not included in the calculation of a student's grade point average. Upon completion of the course requirements, the incomplete grade will be removed, and the final course grade will be used to compute the student's grade point average.

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Grade Correction

Any errors in grades, including omissions, must be reported by the student to the Office of the Registrar. A Grade Correction Authorization form may be obtained from the Registrar's Office and must be completed and signed by the appropriate faculty member, the department chairperson, the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs, and the Registrar. No corrections, additions or changes will be made unless grade errors are reported to the Registrar within the first two weeks of the semester following the term in which the course was taken. Failure to report a grade error within the time specified above will result in the original grade being filed on a permanent basis.

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Repeat Courses

Students may repeat a course in which a grade of “D+,” “D,” “F,” or “WF” was earned to improve their grade point averages. While a record of both courses will remain on the transcript, only the grade assigned for the repeated course will be computed into the student's cumulative grade point average. The most recent repeat grade recorded will be used in calculating the grade point average. Students who repeat a course in which a grade of F was originally earned will receive credit hours for the repeat course, provided that a passing grade is earned. On the other hand, students who repeat a course in which a grade of “D+” or “D” was originally earned will not receive credit hours for the repeat course, since credit hours have already been awarded.

Students who earn a grade of “D+,” “D,” “F,” or “WF” in a course at Flagler College may not repeat that course at another institution for purposes of transferring the grade or the credit back to Flagler College. No Flagler College course may be attempted more than three times; withdrawals are counted as attempts.

For financial aid purposes, the academic year begins in the summer term and includes the subsequent fall and spring terms. Credit hours earned during a summer term will not count toward the previous fall and spring semester credit hour requirements. Thus, a student who finishes the fall and spring semesters with only 21 credit hours earned cannot then make up the three-credit-hour deficiency by taking a summer term course. Inasmuch as state and federal financial aid require student recipients to earn a minimum of 24 credit hours each academic year, students who wish to repeat a course are advised to take sufficient hours, so as not to jeopardize their financial aid.

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Exit Assessment

The College requires all graduating seniors, during their final semester, to participate in assessment procedures as defined for their major. This assessment may be in the form of departmental, state or national exams; surveys; senior papers; portfolios; final projects; or other types of assessment. Each academic department determines the particular form and time of these assessments. In cooperation with each department, the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness may administer some additional assessments. Satisfaction of exit assessment requirements is necessary for graduation.

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Dean's List

The Dean's List is compiled in recognition of students achieving a certain standard of academic excellence. To qualify for the Dean's List, a student must complete at least 12 semester hours of letter-grade courses with a 3.4 grade point average and with no grade less than C for the term. Students who earn a 4.0 grade point average with at least 12 semester hours of graded credit are also named to the President's List.

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Departmental Honors

Departmental Awards of Academic Achievement are presented to graduating seniors who have distinguished themselves through scholarly activity and academic achievement in their selected disciplines of study. Recipients of these departmental awards are selected by the faculty within the department. To receive consideration for one of these departmental awards, a student must meet the following criteria:

  • must be a graduating senior
  • must have earned at Flagler College a minimum of 56 credit hours carrying letter grades, not Pass/Fail
  • must have maintained a grade point average of 3.4 or better in courses taken in the department
  • must have maintained a cumulative grade point of 3.2 or above
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Graduating With Honors

Three degrees of distinction are awarded to graduating seniors based on their cumulative grade point averages for all academic work attempted, including the term's work in which the baccalaureate degree requirements are completed. According to the level of academic achievement, the degree may be awarded cum laude (3.5-3.69), magna cum laude (3.7-3.89) or summa cum laude (3.9-4.0).

To qualify for graduation with honors, a student must complete at least 56 credit hours of academic work at Flagler College that carry letter grades. Pass/fail options are not applicable. All courses for which no quality points are assigned are included in this pass/fail category, for example, internships, field experiences and practicum. Only courses taken at Flagler are computed in determining honors. The grade point average will be rounded to the hundredth decimal place.

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