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Students researching bones for an anthropology class

Undergraduate Research

Flagler College Undergraduate Research Fair

The Student Success Committee and the Office of Undergraduate Research are inviting student researchers to submit abstracts for the 2020 Undergraduate Research Fair. All presentations will be eligible for the Dean's Research Award. The top research projects will be given the opportunity to present at the Undergraduate Research Posters at the Capitol in February 2021.

To be eligible to participate in the Undergraduate Research Fair, an applicant must

  • be a full-time student at Flagler College;
  • have completed at least one semester at Flagler College;
  • have a declared major.

Group projects are welcome; only one submission is necessary.

The deadline to submit your abstract is at 5 pm, Friday, November 13, 2020. To submit your abstract, go to

If your abstract is accepted for presentation, poster and PowerPoint presentation templates will be provided.

The deadline to submit your presentation is at 5 pm, Monday, November 30, 2020.

Undergraduate Research Poster Templates 

We've created research poster templates to help you create a branded and cohesive research presentation. Take a look at our templates below. 

Research Poster Templates