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Flagler College Theatre Arts Presents “Give Delight and Hurt Not: The Practicalities of Decolonizing Shakespeare,” featuring Dathan B. Williams

Sep 22
07:00pm | Lewis Auditorium




How do we rethink, redesign, and reposition our educational concepts of his plays to promote and foster community and disrupt bias notions surrounding Shakespeare as a crown jewel and cultural icon that was used as a way to separate and disenfranchise? How do we deal with an often harmful legacy in English education and instead use Shakespeare's powerful humanist works as a way to promote social justice and not cultivate past colonial violence. Come join Guthrie Award winning, Associate Artist Director of The Harlem Shakespeare Festival and the director of Measure for Measure, Dathan Williams, for insights into the decolonizing methods he used for inclusive and cultural conscious casting for the production.


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