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Announcing Virtual Tour

Mar 15, 2021

From the safety and comfort of your own home, you can now explore the former Hotel Ponce de Leon virtually. The current home of Flagler College, the former luxury hotel famed for its Tiffany windows, ornate murals and Spanish-Renaissance architecture, is closed to visitors in an abundance of caution during the pandemic.

Screenshot previewing the virtual tour of Flagler College.

In order to serve the curious public and the many school groups who normally visit, college officials at Flagler’s Legacy Historic Tours have created a solution to share the history of the former Hotel Ponce de Leon through a virtual tour option. Flagler’s Legacy partnered with a local St. Augustine company, Listing Solutions, to capture the immersive 3D images of the interior of the former famed hotel. Areas includ- ed are the courtyard, the Flagler Room, the Dining Hall, Rotunda and the Solarium.

Each area has its own 3D model with unique interactive touch points including historic photos, fun facts and views of rooms not usually accessible. Additionally, the virtual option has more informa- tion than can fit into the one-hour, in-person tour.

“The new tour was created more as an added bonus to our Flagler’s Legacy Tours, rather than a replacement,” said Flagler’s Legacy Assistant Director Nikki Liberatore. “It is a great option for anyone who has never visited us, can’t make it to us, or for those who have visited us many times before.” Virtual tours are accessible through mobile devices or on desktop and are free to view by visiting

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