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Flagler Alumna Finds Her Way to Lucasfilm

Jul 12, 2022
by Morgan Goodwill, ʻ19

After a couple of twists and turns in the film and television business, Flagler alumna Meredith Brace Sloss, ‘07, landed at none other than Lucasfilm, home to “Star Wars” and, of course, Baby Yoda.

Meredith Sloss

It also is helping her as she inches closer to her dream of directing and producing her own projects.

Brace Sloss graduated from Flagler College in 2007 with a bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts. After graduation, she moved to central Florida to join the entertainment sector of Disney, where she was surrounded by talented individuals and quickly realized she loved bringing stories to life. This encouraged her to go after her master’s degree in Entertainment Business at Full Sail University.

“While I was in that program, I realized I always wanted to work in film and needed to move out to L.A.,” said Brace Sloss. After working odd jobs throughout Los Angeles for three years, she was hired in the business affairs department at the ABC network in 2014 where she got a chance to work on the development of shows like “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

ABC gave her the experience and background to better understand the backend of what it entails to run networks, as well as the intricate parts of the industry. It also allowed her to create connections with writers, producers and government officials.

Her career has taken her from working for the British Film Commission to Netflix, where she worked on production policy.

But when the pandemic hit in 2020, Brace Sloss found herself out of work and looking for her next step when out-of-the-blue she was contacted about an opportunity with Lucasfilm that no die-hard “Star Wars” fan could ever turn down.

As a technology producer, she acts as the liaison between the technology and the creative teams. This role has exposed her to the behind-the-scenes workings of one of her favorite companies and allowed her to be part of the nostalgia. “I’m at a wild intersection right now,” she said. “My dream is to direct and produce eventually. While I was at Flagler, the directing class that I took is what changed the perspective on what I could do.”

She discovered another side to theatre and production during her classes here, and that there is more to creating the story than just what is seen on stage. What appealed to her was the opportunity to guide the story from behind the scenes. She hopes to one day be a creative producer. In her eyes, it creates the ultimate combination of creative problem solving and producing a film from conception.

Now she's getting that chance, as she is currently in preproduction on her first short film, which she is directing and producing. “The Bog” will be filmed in Ireland and she plans to start shooting later this year.

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