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Flagler College Education Program Ranks First in the State

Jan 27, 2022

Flagler College is preparing the next generation of teachers for success with its top-tier education program, which tied for first in the state of Florida.

Flagler College graduate showcases her love for teaching by decorating her graduation cap

Flagler College graduate showcases her love for teaching by decorating her graduation cap

Flagler College's Elementary/Exceptional Student Education/ESOL/Reading program was ranked #1 in Florida with four other colleges and universities based on the 2021 "Florida Teacher Preparation Programs" annual performance report by the FL Dept. of Education. In addition, Flagler College and FAU received the highest score for student learning and growth. 

The rankings were based on placement rate, retention rate, student performance on statewide assessments, and teacher evaluations. 

The education program, which is offered at both the St. Augustine campus and the Tallahassee campus, prepares the future teachers of Florida to successfully transition into a full-time teaching position and lead a classroom of young students to bright futures. The Flagler College Elementary Education program provides a state-of-the-art curriculum paired with hands-on experiences that link content, theory, and practice from day one.  

"This highest ranking for Flagler College is evidence that our students go on to teach, stay as teachers in their field, and have high annual evaluations by their principals. The Flagler College Education Department faculty is proud of our students' success and their impact on K-12 students, communities, and families in the Tallahassee and St. Augustine areas as teachers. We hope to build more partnership schools and expand our teacher preparation program throughout the state. Beginning in fall 2022, Flagler students now have the opportunity to have a full semester student teaching internship anywhere in the state of Florida if they meet the criteria for out-of-area student teaching," said Education Professor and Department Chair at the Tallahassee campus, Shelly Haser.

Flagler College offers majors in elementary education with ESOL and reading endorsements, elementary and exceptional student education with ESOL and reading endorsements, secondary English with ESOL and reading endorsements, education of the deaf and hard of hearing, and secondary mathematics.

The Florida Department of Education report can be viewed here.

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