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Flagler College selects HealthySite+ solution for student and employee health

Aug 4, 2020

Flagler College has selected the new HealthySite+ solution from Flagler Health+ to help ensure a safe and healthy environment for employees, faculty and students, as the College plans its Fall reopening. The program provides complete exposure prevention, testing, and management with robust security and HIPAA compliance.

Powered by the Healthfully platform, the solution contains essential technology features and health services to maximize safety and care, including:  

• Daily self-monitoring and attestation 

• Telehealth physician visits and lab orders 

• Alerts and notifications  

• Testing and lab results 

• Secure messaging 

• Bluetooth-enabled contact tracing and proximity reporting 

• Exposure management and compliance reporting 

• Isolation & quarantine support communities 

• Employee and student education 

• Works on any platform: Web, iOS, Android 

“We are very pleased to be partnering with Flagler Health+ to bring the Saints Health+ app to our campus as we plan to reopen this fall,” said Flagler College President Joseph G. Joyner. “The College is committed to the safety and well-being of the entire Flagler family, and we believe that the use of this app will simplify the self-health assessment process for our campus and aid us in our efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19.”  

The college recently released reopening plans for the fall semester, which can be found by visiting their Coronavirus information page here:

How it Works 

First, through a HIPAA compliant mobile app, employees and students learn about the importance of self-monitoring and safe behaviors. They answer a few quick questions daily to attest that they are not exhibiting symptoms and/or have not exposed to someone with COVID-19. If the survey algorithm determines that an individual needs a COVID-19 test, a provider will first conduct an online visit. If the provider confirms that a test is necessary, the individual will be tested quickly at a convenient location. Those who test positive receive information about self-isolation, have access to online care and check-ins, as well as virtual support groups, all within the safe and secure application. Employers will be notified of the positive test and receive a contact tracing report. The employer dashboard also tracks compliance with self-monitoring, status alerts and return to work or class notices for those who are in the 14- day self-isolation period.  

“As our area’s largest private employer and also as a healthcare provider, we understand the important role that self-monitoring, reporting, contact tracing and effective testing strategies have on keeping work and learning environments safe,” stated Jason Barrett, Flagler Health+ President & CEO. “Knowing that Flagler College is investing in this solution should help bring peace-of-mind to employees, students and their parents, as we all adapt to the new realities of COVID-19.” 

Employers interested in finding out more about the Flagler Health+ & Healthfully COVID-19 employer solution, can click on the COVID-19 icon at or visit

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