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Flagler Department Spotlight: Campus Recreation

Oct 6, 2023

Flagler's Campus Recreation Department supports the Division of Student Affairs' mission to create the best possible student experience. Through activities that go beyond sports, Campus Recreation is focused on fostering a healthy student lifestyle in fun and engaging settings open to all.

The Campus Recreation Team: 

Alicia Ramsdell ‘08, Director of Campus Recreation, has been working at Flagler for six years. 

Alicia Ramsdell

Greg Snyder, Assistant Director of Campus Recreation, has been working at Flagler for one year. 

Greg Snyder

Mike Roberson, Coordinator of Campus Recreation, has been working at Flagler for 26 years.  

Mike Roberson


What upcoming projects/ initiatives has your department been excited to work on? Why? 

Our main goal this year has been to focus on collaborations with clubs and organizations. We have been able to collaborate with Residence Life, the Honors Program, Athletics, the Science Department, and Alpha Sigma Alpha- just to name a few. Our goal is for people across campus to see recreation as an inclusive environment that offers something for everyone. We are also working hard to utilize the facilities we have more often by offering things like open play tennis, basketball, and additional hours available at the Dock.  

Describe a recently completed projects/ initiatives that you are especially proud of: 

We are most proud of the activities available at The Dock. We no longer require a swim test, allowing us to be more accessible. We have seen a tremendous leap in activity usage at the dock and we look forward to seeing it continue to grow.  

Tell us about the level of interaction your department has with students, and what this looks like for different team members: 

We believe that we have tremendous bandwidth on the people we connect with daily on a variety of levels. We offer activities that attract all types of students from our watersports and intramurals, to group fitness and daily usage of the fitness center. One of our favorite ways to connect with students is through our work study program. We have worked hard to offer continuous training for the students to help them develop transferable skills for life after Flagler. Between the fitness center, the dock, and intramural employees we work with more than 50 students and enjoy building connections with them. 

Why is your department integral to the Flagler community?  

Our department is integral to the Flagler Community because we offer safe, inclusive, and fun environments for students to recreate and get the entire college experience. We foster relationships that last beyond their time at Flagler. We embody the College’s core values while developing characteristics and skills like ownership, commitment, teamwork, self-worth, trust, and hard work. We believe by participating in our recreational activities, students will leave Flagler better than when they arrived. 

What is something that other Flagler employees might not know about your department? Or something you wish more people knew?  

Most of our activities are open to everyone! Employees can utilize our facilities and enjoy activities including: 

-The Fitness Center & Fitness Room at The Commons 

-The Dock (no more swim tests) 

-Join an Intramural team: Soccer, Flag Football, Volleyball, Basketball, and Softball. 

-Try a group fitness class (Zumba: M/W at 4 p.m. or Yoga T/TH at 5 p.m.) 

We also want to collaborate with other Staff and Faculty! If you have ideas on how we can work together, don’t hesitate to reach out.  

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