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Flagler professor to offer insight live on tv

Oct 29, 2020

On Election Night, Tuesday, Nov. 3, Associate Professor of Political Science and Dean of Academic Life Art Vanden Houten will appear on Action News Jax to lend insight on the election during the station’s live election night coverage. Vanden Houten has already appeared once this election season and will again appear the morning after the election for analysis and breakdown of results.

He has provided commentary and insight during previous election seasons. His first public appearance to provide political commentary was in his fourth year at Flagler during the 2000 election. Florida played a pivotal role in the election that year with the results producing a narrow and contested Florida win for George W. Bush in the “hanging chad” recount fiasco.

This year, Vanden Houten said, “Florida will be critical” for the candidates as early polls show a clear Biden victory in Florida which would render a Trump victory “All but impossible.”

Some key items he said people can watch closely include our local results as they might indicate how the President is doing overall with his base compared to four years ago; what the exit polls suggest; senior and millennial voter turnout; and whether or not voters who stuck with Obama for both elections and then voted for Trump in 2016 – did they stay loyal to him this year?

Vanden Houten is a well-liked professor on campus and students and local alumni are already looking forward to seeing him provide his take on this election and what he called “A pretty crazy year” in politics.

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