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Halcomb and Seron receive sabbaticals for 2018-19

Feb 16, 2018
by Jordan Puyear, ‘17

Flagler College professors Tracy Halcomb and Teri Seron have been granted sabbatical leaves in 2018-19.

Halcomb, a Communication professor, will take her sabbatical in the Fall of 2018 to work on the pre-production for a new documentary entitled “Kings of the Diamond” about Major League Baseball scouts. Through the lens of American cultural studies, Halcomb will apply many of the concepts she teaches in her video and audio production courses to complete the pre-production phase of her project during her sabbatical leave.  

“This project will detail three different paths to the majors through the eyes of the MLB scout,” Halcomb said. “I am producing this project which means I handle the research, planning and logistics of setting up the various interviews, as well as many other tasks including all audio recording and mixing.”

By next January, Halcomb hopes to have all MLB scouts lined up for interviews and have researched all of the previous movies related to our topic to come up with the documentary “hook.”

Associate Professor and Chair of Natural Sciences Terri Seron will take her sabbatical in the Spring of 2019 to complete further research on her project, “Conservation of Ocean Giants.”  Seron plans on using this time to travel to the South Pacific, specifically Fiji, to see if protected marine ecosystems are making a difference in terms of environmental conservation.  

“I would really love to come back from this experience and have a sense of what a real pristine ecosystem environment looks like,” Seron said. “Fiji has done an incredible job of setting up marine protected areas, so sanctuaries where marine life can flourish and have been able to stay in balance.”

Seron will also use this time to increase her scuba diving credentials. With around 25 years of scuba diving experience, she plans on becoming a certified divemaster, the first professionally recognized step of scuba diving.

“We’re teaching students to go out into the world and make a difference, but why stop there? Why not have their professors doing the same thing?” she said.

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