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Professor Barbara Blonder's article recently published in "Castanea"

Mar 5, 2018
by Jordan Puyear, '17

Associate Professor of Natural Sciences Barbara Blonder's research has recently been published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal, “Castanea”. Blonder conducted her research on “Assessing Postfire Vegetative Changes and Implications for Management in a Northeast Florida Coastal Strand Ecosystem”. 

This publication highlights Flagler’s coastal location, intensive undergraduate research, Natural Sciences Department, and collaboration with local partners.

Blonder enlisted the help of Lab Manager and co-author, John Wooldridge, as well as a few undergraduates in the department. Blonder’s second co-author, Mary Garrard, is now an alumni of the Coastal Environmental Science Major.

This publication was done in collaboration with the department’s education and research partner, GTM-NERR. GTM-NERR also joins Flagler College for the Science Capstone Symposium each year. Blonder has gone on to present this research at an international scientific conference.

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