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Professor Sara Pedigo presented her solo exhibition "Apperceptions"

Mar 8, 2018
by Jordan Puyear, ‘17

Arts and Design Department Chair Sara Pedigo recently traveled to Furman University to present her solo exhibition, “Apperceptions”.

“[My work is] a search for contentment and pleasure in undramatic everyday surroundings, emanating from a desire to generate gratitude for living,” Pedigo said. “Collectively, my artworks serve as a testament to being both mentally and physically present in the world; a direct consequence of recognizing the perplexing paradigm known as death.”

After her work was revealed, Pedigo led an artist talk in which she discussed the focus of her artistic practices and how she believes perceiving and recording states of light is how dialogue is often translated.

“Light mediates our perception of the world and is highly influential in my life and to each of my artworks,” Pedigo said. “Light is the singular requirement for all life, and is the source of our perceived experience. Light is the arbiter of color, form, space, and ultimately visual memories.”

The link for the Pedigo’s exhibition can be found here.

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