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Staff Spotlight: Mary Scine

Apr 4, 2023

Mary Scine ‘99, coordinator of Flagler’s Missing Voices Project, is a Flagler alumna with a degree in Communication and concentration in Public Relations & Journalism. Scine has held previous careers in public relations, management, and education. At Flagler, she’s worked in the Youth Ministry Program for 8 years, and within that time, has also been an adjunct for the First Year Seminar course for 3 years.

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Outside of her work at Flagler College, Scine is finishing a Master of Divinity degree and serves at Memorial Presbyterian Church as the director of College Ministry. She said some of her early life encounters of resettling refugees, mission experiences, and multiple cancer journeys within her family have shaped and prepared her for adventures like the Missing Voices Project. Originally from Maryland, Scine has lived in St. Augustine for the last 10 years with her husband Dominic, a fellow alumnus, and their two children, Mia (10th grade) and Jacob (7th grade). She looks forward to times she can spend on the water, being creative through pottery and painting, and digging in her backyard garden.


What is your title on Staff, and what does your position entail?   

As Associate Director of The Missing Voices Project, I co-direct and oversee our grant concerned with young people who are typically pushed to the margins. Since this project is within the Youth Ministry Program, I also have roles and responsibilities for various aspects within that program. 

How has your professional and educational background informed your work at Flagler?  

My degree in communication and my master’s level work in theology has been a helpful resource for me throughout this role. Even my post-graduate certificate in Graphic Design has been very useful as this project requires a great deal of visual materials. 

What do you enjoy most about working at Flagler?   

As an alumna of Flagler College, I love continuing to be connected to this place that has meant so much to me over the years. I love watching our institution grow and expand. 

Tell us about a recent project or goal you’ve completed within your department that you’re proud of.  

At the close of 2022, we wrapped up our $1M grant project, and we applied and were awarded another $1.25M to continue the project for another three years. While I work at the vision level of the project, I can watch the interpersonal effects this project is having in the lives of young people and within their communities, and it is really encouraging. 

Do you have a stand-out memory from working with students or other campus community members?  

The Youth Ministry Program holds gatherings each fall and spring to bring together current Flagler students enrolled in or who have completed Youth Ministry courses. These times of community and celebration are a delight as I watch student friendships form and grow. In our spring gathering, we celebrate and commission our seniors as they look toward their future beyond Flagler. It’s heartwarming to see how much our students have grown over their years here, and I feel blessed to be able to have participated in that journey.  

What is one thing no one would guess about you? 

I met my husband on the first day of a youth ministry class on the 4th floor of Kenan many years ago!   

Who is someone that inspires you and why?   

One individual who is connected to the Youth Ministry Program and whom I have known since I was a Flagler student is Lester Comee. He works with Young Life in the Florida region and has been a mentor to me over the years and has been a source of constant encouragement in my life. I’ve learned from Les how to advocate for others, the importance of sharing resources with one another, how essential encouragement is in other people's lives, and the necessity to give encouragement freely and often. 


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