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The Flagler Review was first published in the spring of 1990. Prior to the spring of 2012, The Flagler Review was produced through the volunteer efforts of Flagler students and faculty advisors. In spring 2012, the student staff voted for an ambitious redevelopment of the journal, including the adoption of a new acronym-based name that would further refine the brand. Thus, that spring issue was the first to bear the name FLARE: The Flagler Review. In 2012, for both spring and fall semesters, The Flagler Review was offered as a course listing for the first time: ENG 240, Selected Topics. It is now a spring course only, and is listed as CRW 215 FLARE: The Flagler Review. Successful completion grants students three credits. The course description is as follows:

This course is a production-oriented workshop that will produce a full-length issue of FLARE: The Flagler Review, the literary magazine of Flagler College. Students will solicit and evaluate work for publication and will participate in all aspects of journal production, from editing and design to marketing and promotions. The course is designed to provide students with publishing insight and experience that will help them grow as writers and editors. This course may be taken multiple times for credit, but not for credit towards the Creative Writing minor.

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