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Name & Title Department Email Phone Office
Samba Diop

Faculty, Staff | Advisor

904-826-8611 Proctor Library 353
Sandra Davis

Faculty | Professor, Elementary Education Coordinator

Education, School of Business, Education, and Mathematics

904-819-6232 Kenan 510
Sandra Gehring

Staff | Adjunct


Sandra Miles

Staff | Vice President of Student Affairs, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Student Affairs

Santiago Cavanagh

Staff | Director of Golf


Sara Bliss

Staff | Advisor

904-826-8612 Proctor Library 342
Sara Pedigo

Faculty | Professor and Chair of Visual and Performing Arts

Art & Design

904-819-6487 Art Building 101
Sarah Alexander

Faculty | Adjunct Art

Art & Design

Sarah Deagle

Faculty, Staff | Director of Advising

Art & Design, Student Success and Advising

904-826-8609 Proctor Library 355
Sarah Hernandez

Staff | Head Cheerleading Coach


Sarah Kamienski

Staff | Adjunct Faculty

Youth Ministry

Sarah Miller

Staff | Florida Public Archaeology Network Northeast & East Central Region Director

Public Archaeology

904-669-3265 Markland Cottage
Sarah Prodromou

Staff | Director of Purchasing and Business Operations

Business Services

904-819-6479 Business Office, 20 Valencia St.
Sarah Whittington

Faculty | Part-Time Instructor

Flagler College Tallahassee

Scott Benyacko

Faculty | Adjunct

English, School of Creative Arts and Letters

Scott Patrou

Faculty | Adjunct

Humanities, School of Humanities and Sciences

Scott Swan

Faculty | Part-Time Instructor


Shadisha Bennett Brodde

Staff | Counselor


Shari Stanford

Staff | Payroll Specialist

Business Services

904-826-8641 Business Office, 20 Valencia St.
Shawnique Branch

Staff | TAL Assistant Registrar

Flagler College Tallahassee Staff, Flagler College Tallahassee

(850) 201-8984 UC114