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Travel Experiences

Flagler’s Lifelong Learning Institute is proud to offer its students one-of-a-kind global travel experiences through our new Travel Experience programs. These experiential learning opportunities ignite exploration of the cultures, architecture, and traditions across domestic and international destinations. 

Members of the Flagler College Lifelong Learning Institute receive discounts on all Travel Experiences as one of their benefits.

Winter Christmas Market Tour

Germany and France - November 27th – December 6th 2023

Explore the rich history of “Christmas Markets” in an adventure across Germany and France. This ten-day trip is all-inclusive and guided to showcase the storied cultural ties these markets have in the cities they were established. Participants will travel to 8 destinations experiencing the best of their local cuisine and commerce at numerous Christmas markets including one of France’s oldest markets of this kind dating back to the 1570s.

Christmas Market Travel Itinerary

Tanzania: from Serengeti Safari to the Spice Islands

Tanzania - February 24th – March 5th 2024

Experience some of Africa's most iconic sites and have the time of your life on this one-of-a-kind cultural and safari expedition in our Exploring the Heart of Tanazania: from Serengeti Safari to Spice Island Tour. Our 11-day journey takes you from Mount Kilimanjaro, to the land of the Maasai people, the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and more!

Tanzania Travel Itinerary

Alumni Trip: Italy

Italy - October 7th - October 15th 2023

Join your fellow Flagler alumni on a once in a lifetime trip to Rome, Florence, and Assisi on this 9-day, all-inclusive guided expedition across Italy. Led by Dr. Timothy Johnson, Craig And Audrey Thorn Distinguished Professor, we will explore the most important sites of the Eternal City, see the artistic treasures of Florence, and experience the spirituality and beauty of Assisi. Throughout the trip, we will enjoy the scenic views and Italy's famous wine and food.

Alumni Italy Travel Itinerary


Travel FAQs

What does all-inclusive mean?
  • Departing and returning airfare from the airport that is specified for your trip.
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) with one alcoholic beverage.
  • Excursions and guided tours as noted on the itinerary.
  • Hotels.
  • Airport/hotel transfers.
  • Transportation within the country.
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Is traveler insurance provided?

No. If participants would like insurance, we recommend they seek it through Allianz or contact your insurance company.

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Can I get the Lifelong Learning member discount for my companion traveler? 

No, each traveler must have an active membership to use the Promo Code.

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Is there a way to avoid credit card payment fees?
  • Yes! Options include:
    • Mail a check to Flagler College Lifelong Learning. Please inform our office that you are doing so.
    • Drop off your check at the Lifelong Learning Office during our business hours.
    • Pay with an e-check online.
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Can a person travel alone without sharing a room?

Yes. A supplemental room fee for single travelers ranges from approximately $250 - $400 a trip. It depends on the trip.

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How do I know if my deposit and full payments were received?

Contact the Lifelong Learning office at: and you will receive confirmation.

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Who leads the trip?

An administrator, faculty, or staff member from the Flagler Lifelong Learning Institute will be present on all travel experiences, and a representative from Stone and Compass.

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Is there an opportunity to meet the others in the group before the trip?

Yes, there is a pre-departure orientation approximately four weeks before departure. This is generally in-person, but a Zoom link will be provided for those out of the area.

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Can I leave/return from a different airport? 

Yes, but there might be a price adjustment.

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Does Lifelong Learning use a preferred airline?

Yes, Delta airlines. Please let us know if you prefer a different one, and we will try to accommodate your request.

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Will we do much walking?
  • While walking is not extensive, we urge our Learners to bring comfortable walking shoes for our scheduled times when strolling through markets, villages, and parks.
  • Some places we visit will involve stairs or cobblestone streets that could be challenging for some folks. We will proceed at a pace that fits your needs.
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Is there much flexibility in our daily schedule?

We try to be as flexible as possible within the itinerary of each day. If some learners wish to explore off the designated itinerary, we will do our best to accommodate them. That is the advantage of traveling with Flagler!

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When are final payments due?

Generally, final payments are due 100 days before departure or as otherwise posted on our website.

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What is the last day to receive a full refund (minus deposit)?

The last day to receive a full refund is 90 days before departure.

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If you would like to discuss your options with someone from Continuing Education, please call (904) 819-6263 or email: