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Newly Admitted Students

The first steps are the most important.

Congratulations on being admitted to Flagler! Now that you are weighing your options, consider how Flagler can set you up for success.

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Class of 2023!

Ready to become a Saint?

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Checking Every Box

We get it-- you would rather imagine yourself here instead of filling out forms. To make the process a little easier, we're spotlighting pages that include the most important info.

  • The Enrollment Process

    Whether you are a newly admitted freshmen or transfer student, this section will guide you through the enrollment process.
  • Tuition, Payment and Parking

    Need to pay tuition? Purchase parking? Complete the process online.
  • Housing

    Learn more about living on campus at Flagler College.
  • Class Registration

    Learn more about what you need to prepare before registering for classes.
  • Orientation- Building Your Legacy

    As part of the First Year Experience program, new students at Flagler College begin building a strong academic and social foundation with our orientation, Building Your Legacy.
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A Smooth Transition

Our First Year Experience program will connect you with other new students, and our First Year Seminar will paint the big picture that will shape your education.

Contact Us

Now that you're admitted, you may have new questions. We can guide you, or you can ask your fellow students. 

Class of 2022 Facebook Page 

Class of 2023 Facebook Page 

Additional Information

Orientation- Building Your Legacy

Campus Community

Academic Calendar 

Pay Your Deposit

Need Help? Contact the Office of Admissions at 

Welcome, Parents and Families

You'll have your student's back on this Flagler journey. Here's what you need to know.

Parents & Families