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Flagler Core Courses

The Flagler Core Curriculum

The Flagler Core Curriculum is our signature General Education Program.  Each Flagler student, no matter their major, participates in a carefully crafted and streamlined 33-credit hour program designed to strengthen powers of free and independent inquiry through a classical and liberal education that promotes a rich sense of civic virtue in a diverse democracy.

Choice: Students select from a vast array of uniquely designed classes, with titles such as “Living in a Digital World,” “Alibies and Collaborators,” and “Adventure Literature.” These courses, specially designed by our faculty for all of our students, satisfy a wide range of interests but are unified by a vision of what it means to be a classically educated and free individual.

Key Skills: The Core is designed around nine key skills (or “literacies”) essential to cultivating a free and inquiring mind. From the vast array of options, students are required to take one class from each:

  • Academic Writing
  • Oral Communication
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Natural Scientific Inquiry
  • Social Scientific Inquiry
  • Creativity
  • Historical Inquiry
  • Social/Cultural Inquiry
  • Ethical Reasoning

Civic Values: In addition, Flagler is committed to providing an education that furthers civic virtue in a diverse democracy. To that end, each Core class is themed around one of Flagler's four Core Values:

  • Citizenship with Integrity
  • Thoughtful Stewardship
  • Respectful and Inclusive Community
  • Transformative Learning

The FlagSHIP: The Core ends with a transformative capstone experience in the Sophomore year that may involve community service, original research, or study abroad. The FlagSHIP is a Flagler rite of passage that ushers the intellectually equipped student into the second half of their college experience.

Incoming Credits: If you have questions about how dual-enrollment and/or transfer credits are assessed for incoming students, please consult with our .  

CORE Courses

Take a look at the courses below and talk to your Admissions Office about which classes work best for your goals.