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Alumni sit around circular tables in the Ponce Hall solarium. Woman speaks from behind a podium.

Alumni Awards

The Alumni Awards were initiated in 1999 to honor those who have made significant contributions to their fields, the college, or their communities. Every spring, the awards are presented to deserving alumni at the Alumni Weekend banquet.

The Pride of Flagler Alumni Award

The highest award presented by the College, The Pride of Flagler Alumni Award is granted to alumni who have been Flagler College graduates for a minimum of 10 years, and have achieved national and/or regional recognition in their field. These distinguished individuals have rendered service to Flagler College and/or their communities

The Flagler College Service Award

Presented to alumni who have rendered a high degree of service to Flagler College for more than 10 years (for example, volunteering with the alumni office, coordinating alumni chapter activities, establishing an endowed scholarship, volunteering with campus clubs, organizations, athletics, etc.).

The Professional Achievement Award

Presented to alumni who have demonstrated significant accomplishments in their fields and have achieved national and/or regional recognition. Nominees must be a graduate of Flagler College and over the age of 32. This award may be bestowed on more than one candidate. 

The Community Service Award

The Community Service Award is presented to alumni who have demonstrated outstanding contributions to serving their community.

The Young Alumni Achievement Award

Presented to alumni 32 years of age and younger who have demonstrated outstanding accomplishments since graduation, this award recognizes contributions to society, to a profession, or to Flagler College. The award may be based upon professional and educational achievements, community activities, and honors and awards received.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Presented to an alumnus who has demonstrated a lifelong commitment to a profession or cause, and recognizes both professional achievement and service to Flagler College. To be eligible, the alumni must demonstrate 20+ years of dedication to their chosen career or cause, actively engage in the support of Flagler College, and have distinguished themselves in their community.

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