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View of Ponce Hall courtyard from Flagler College Solarium.

Alumni Board

The Flagler College Alumni Board of Directors is organized to promote the welfare, development, and advancement of Flagler College and to provide a means for active and meaningful participation and support by alumni in the life of the College. The Board serves alumni in pursuit of their careers, recognizes their accomplishments, perpetuates among them a sentiment of affection for Flagler College, encourages their support for the Institution's programs and future development, and fosters the sense of responsibility among alumni to support the College through private giving.

Members of the Board of Directors are committed to maintaining among former students a spirit of fellowship and regard for one another, while demonstrating the College's rich traditions, diversity, and spirit.

Current Members

  • Mr. Chris Catania ’01
  • Mrs. Mary Morgan Clukey ’80
  • Mrs. Laura English Dawson ’99 
  • Mrs. Nicole DiBlasi '02
  • Mr. Bradley Ernst ’02
  • Mr. Guy Garbarino '98
  • Mr. David Garratt ’96
  • Mr. Jeff Garrison ’06
  • Mrs. Suzanne Staub Golden ’86
  • Mr. Jacob Harding '07
  • Mr. Viv Helwig ’08
  • Mr. Ed Lombard ’97
  • Ms. Kathleen Meehan ’74
  • Mrs. Lisa Wallenda Picard ’92, Vice President
  • Mrs. Diana (Miller) Reigelsperger ’07, Secretary
  • Mr. Joe Riley ’06
  • Ms. Mollie Saunders ’12
  • Mrs. Lila (Perry) Sleeper ’74
  • Mr. Jeff Tidwell ’96
  • Mrs. Michelle Vijgen ’01, President
  • Mrs. Jennifer White ’98


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