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High School Counselors

The Flagler College Office of Admissions is here to support you and your students throughout this difficult and unprecedented time. We understand that your school has most likely changed quickly to a virtual platform for the unforeseeable future, and in that spirit, we will support those decisions regarding your student’s academic records. If your school has had to amend its current grading scales, such as offering a pass/fail or another variation, it will be understood and taken into context during admissions review. A commitment to helping students and their families navigate the admissions process has always been a hallmark of our team of professionals, just as it is for yours.

Admissions Counselors are available to connect with you over traditional calls or the vast array of virtual options. We are now offering virtual information sessions and tours for your students, and they can register for that by clicking on that link. If you have any ideas on collaboration, please let us know as we are looking for ways to engage and support you and your students.

Thank you again for all of your work to help your students both in and outside the classroom, and we wish you good health.


Below you will find some commonly asked questions and helpful links to assist you and your students through our application and enrollment process.

Commonly Asked Questions

How can my students apply?

Students are welcome to complete the freshman application or international application found on our website, but Flagler College is also a member of the Common Application. We do not have a preference, and ultimately encourage students to complete the application that will work best for them.

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What is the deadline to apply?
Decision Application DeadlineNotification DeadlineDeposit Deadline
Early Decision Apply by Nov. 1  Notified by Dec. 15  Deposit by Jan. 15
Regular Decision Apply by Mar. 1 Notified by Mar. 31  Deposit by May 1

Students will be asked to select the Plan of their choosing as they complete the online application. We do not offer Early Action. All admissions decisions are sent to the student’s mailing address via USPS, and a notification letter will also be mailed to you at the school a few days later.

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What is the academic profile of your average student?

Flagler College evaluates students on an individual and holistic basis. The following academic profile represents the mean of admitted students from last year. Although these numbers provide a good range to aim for, they do not represent minimum requirements or cut-off points for admission. 

Class Academic Statistics

Mean GPA


Mean ACT






Please keep in mind this GPA is a weighted, core GPA as electives are not considered in our calculations.

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Who is my student’s admissions counselor?

We’re glad you asked! Please click here to locate your student’s Admissions Director, and feel free to call or email us any time. We look forward to chatting with you about your student.

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How do I submit a fee waiver?

Flagler accepts Common Application fee waivers through the Common App site. Other types of fee waivers (such as ACT, NACAC, or CollegeBoard) can be faxed to 904.819.6466, emailed to as a PDF or JPG attachment, or mailed to the following address:

Flagler College

74 King Street

St. Augustine, FL 32084

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How do I submit their recommendation letter?

Flagler accepts recommendations through CommonApp and SENDedu. Recommendation letters may also be faxed to 904.819.6466, emailed to as a PDF or Word Document attachment, or mailed to the following address:

Flagler College

74 King Street

St. Augustine, FL 32084

You are welcome to complete a Secondary School Report or simply write a letter. The student is also encouraged to obtain a written recommendation from any high school teacher if you are unable to speak on the student’s behalf. The teacher may use the same submission methods listed above.

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How do I submit their test scores?

We recommend all students submit their test scores electronically through the corresponding website, such as CollegeBoard or ACT. Our SAT code is 5235 and our ACT code is 0772. International students may also submit the IELTS or TOEFL. If students are unable to submit scores electronically due to financial constraints, we may be able to accept test scores using an alternate method. If you, as the counselor, can send us the full score report PDF via email, we can count that as official for the student’s application.

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How do I submit their transcript?

Flagler accepts transcripts through CommonApp and Parchment. Transcripts may also be faxed to 904.819.6466, emailed to as a PDF or JPG attachment, or mailed to the following address:

Flagler College

74 King Street

St. Augustine, FL 32084

Please keep in mind that for domestic applicants, the Office of Admissions only requires one transcript: the final, official high school transcript with a printed date of graduation. 

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How should my student decline their offer of admission if they have made other college plans?

We would greatly appreciate an email or a phone call from the student to let us know that they have made plans elsewhere. This will allow us to deactivate their Flagler record and continue working with families and students still considering Flagler College as an option for their education.

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If my student would like to commit to Flagler, what is the deposit deadline?

Early Decision

Early Decision students must submit their enrollment deposit and electronic enrollment forms no later than January 15th.

Regular Decision 

Regular Decision students will need to submit their deposit payment and enrollment forms no later than May 1st.

Enrollment forms are emailed to students and their parents a few days after they receive their acceptance letter in the mail. If we receive forms, but no payment, the student is not considered Deposited (and vice versa).

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How can my student earn advanced or transfer credit through programs like AP, IB, AICE, or dual-enrollment?

Students seeking advanced credit are responsible for submitting all official college transcripts, CLEP, IB, AICE, or AP score reports, and for confirming their level of advanced standing prior to registering for classes at Flagler.

Chart for how advanced and transfer credit for AP, IB, Cambridge, and Dual Enrollment
Chart (PDF)



Applicants who are still in high school, but are taking dual-enrollment courses, should still apply as a freshman student when considering the college application.

Transfer credits will generally be granted for courses in which a grade of “C” (2.0 on a 4.0 scale) or better was earned from regionally accredited institutions. Quality points earned for transfer credits are not used in computing a student’s grade point average at Flagler. Students who have successfully completed the requirements for an A.A. degree may transfer up to three courses in which a “D” grade was earned, provided the total number of transfer credits does not exceed 64 semester hours. The amount of transfer credit and advanced standing allowed by the College will be determined by the Registrar. In some instances, the department chair is consulted prior to awarding transfer credits. In accordance with the ICUF (Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida) Articulation Agreement, Flagler College, as a member of ICUF, provides some basic guarantees to transfer students who have earned an Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree from any member institution of the State of Florida public university system. This guarantee includes the transfer of 60 credits to be applied toward the awarding of the baccalaureate degree and completion of the general education requirements at Flagler College.

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How do I help my student book a campus tour?

Simply visit this page of our website to get started. If you have any questions, please contact Philadelphia Zimmermann at or (904) 819.6425.

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How do I request a group tour for my students to come see Flagler?

Group Tours are designed to introduce high school groups of 10-40 students to our campus. This visit experience is a tour of the campus only. Please complete the Group Visit Request here if you have a high school group interested in touring Flagler College.

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Can I visit Flagler College on my own?

Absolutely! Please contact Philadelphia Zimmermann at or (904) 819.6425. She will assist you in setting up your visit to our campus.

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How do I request that an admissions counselor visit our high school?

Please visit this page to determine who in our office represents your area. You are welcome to call or email them directly to request that they present to your students or attend a college fair you are hosting. All invitations will be considered according to counselor availability and they will get back to you as soon as they can!

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I still have other questions!

Not a problem! We have a full Frequently Asked Questions page for your convenience. You are also welcome to contact the Office of Admissions anytime at or (904) 819.6220.

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