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Room Assignments

Can I request a specific roommate?

The Office of Residence Life uses your Application for Student Housing (that came with your Offer of Admission Letter) to assign a compatible roommate. If you have a specific roommate request, both students need to fill out and submit the Roommate Request Form.

Roommate Request Form


How do I get assigned a roommate?

The assignment process matches up students in accordance to gender, hobbies and other requested information. Many aspects play into the assignment process, such as date of deposit, class standing, and availability of space. As a reminder, room assignments will not be based on a student’s race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, veteran status, or sexual orientation.


Is it possible to see my specific room prior to moving in?

While we understand that everyone is excited about seeing their new residence hall room, we are unable to show students their specific rooms over the summer. During the summer, a variety of summer camps are housed in the residence halls. Outside of that time, maintenance and cleaning must take place to prepare the halls for your arrival.


Can I make a room change after I am assigned?

Students are given housing assignments the summer months. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate requests for room changes after assignments have been made. Throughout the summer the College is constantly consolidating spaces to allow for the most occupancy to meet demand, and we are, therefore, unable to make changes based on individual requests. However, once the semester has begun after a two-week holding period, students can speak with their current roommates and with their Resident Advisors about the steps to making a room change if, desired.

Housing Day

March 25, 2020

If returning students are interested in living on campus they have to take part in Housing Day. There are multiple Housing Informational Meetings, emails and flyers. There is limited housing available for returning students and contracts are given out on a first come, first served bases. Students are required to resubmit the housing contract and pay the deposit to secure housing for the upcoming year. Once both of these steps are complete, they are required to live on campus for the year. Students are housed based off of credit hours. If there are special accommodations that need to be considered the student will need to email

Contact Residence Life

Office Hours
Monday - Friday
8AM - 5PM


Student Services Room 224,
2nd floor, Ringhaver Student Center

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