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Types of Housing

Single Gender Housing

Single gender housing is in three of the residence halls: Ponce, Cedar and FEC. Ponce houses females and Cedar houses males. The FEC residence halls are broken into three towers and each floor is accessed controlled. FEC-A tower is an all-female tower. There is also an all-male hall within FEC-C. Students are able to request to be placed in a Single Gender Hall.

Flex Housing

Flex housing is in three of the residence halls: FEC, Lewis and Abare. It is where different genders live on the same hall, but the rooms/suites are single gender. A student’s next door neighbor may be a different gender than them.

Gender Inclusive Housing

Gender inclusive housing provides a living environment where student housing is not restricted to traditional limitations imposed by gender and/or sex definitions. Students who identify as allies may also apply to live in a Gender Inclusive Room.

Emotional Support Animals

Flagler College fully supports the Americans with Disability Act and the Fair Housing Act as they relate to Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals. Students interested in additional information need to email Residence Life at

Housing Accommodation

Students requesting specific housing accommodations need to email


Contact Residence Life

Office Hours
Monday - Friday
8AM - 5PM


Student Services Room 224,
2nd floor, Ringhaver Student Center

Students seated on couches in the Abare Hall commons