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Disability Resource Center FAQ

When should I apply for and request accommodations?

Students requiring accommodations to complete the admission application procedures should contact the Disability Resource Center. However, no disclosure need be made unless accommodations are needed. Once a student has been admitted to the Flagler College, he or she is given the opportunity to declare a disability and to request academic accommodations. Although you may request an academic accommodation at any time, you should request it as early as possible. Some academic adjustments may take more time to provide than others.

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How do I register for the Disability Resource Center?

Once a student is admitted to the college, if accommodations are required, students must request them through the Disability Resource Center; they must present appropriate documentation (Please see the Disability Documentation Requirements) and request services. Students are encouraged to sign up early and have their accommodations established well in advance of the beginning of classes.

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What types of services are available?

Reasonable accommodations are provided based on the significant impact of the disability. Some of the more common accommodations are sign language interpreters, note takers, extended time on exams, assistive technology, and alternate format for textbooks and printed material.

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Does the college provide personal assistance and services?

No. The college provides accessibility to all of its programs. However, if a student needs personal services and assistance, that is the individual’s responsibility.

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Who will ensure that the student turns in all assignments and stays current with the work load?

The student is responsible for completing and turning in assignments on time. Flagler College is a teaching institution. As such, the faculty members hold office hours weekly. They are available to assist the student and clarify any assignments. The Disability Resource Center is available to provide learning strategies and time management advice as well as reasonable modifications and academic adjustments if the student avails themselves of the service. Otherwise the student is expected to be responsible to manage their own assignments.

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How do I request accommodations for the residence halls?

Students must provide documentation of the significant impact of the disability and request accommodations through the Disability Resource Center. When a request is made for accessible rooms, the student will be referred to the Director of Housing for room assignment.

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Is my information confidential?

Yes, your information is confidential and cannot be released to anyone without your permission. The Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) can provide you with more information concerning confidentiality.

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Why is an Individual Education Program (IEP) or 504 Plan not accepted as documentation for a disability?

An IEP or 504 Plan is insufficient documentation but can be included as a supplement to a comprehensive assessment. It is not sufficient documentation because postsecondary education presents different demands than high school education, and what you need to meet these new demands may be different. Please refer to the documentation requirements for further information.

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Do I have to inform a postsecondary school that I have a disability?

No. However, if you want the school to provide an academic accommodation and/or to be assigned to accessible facilities, you must identify yourself as having a disability. In any event, your disclosure of a disability is always voluntary.

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Once the school has received the necessary documentation from me, what should I expect?

The Disability Resource Center will review your documentation in light of the essential requirements for Flagler College to help determine a reasonable accommodation. It is important to remember that Flagler College is not required to lower or waive essential requirements. If you have requested a specific academic accommodation, the school may offer that accommodation or an alternative one if the alternative would also be effective. Once your documentation has been reviewed and you are considered an eligible student, you need to make an appointment with Disability Resource Centerto meet with the director to finalize your reasonable accommodations.

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