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Instructor Fact Sheet

If a student is eligible for note taking services, it will be noted on the instructor’s copy of the accommodation letter. Sometimes a student that is eligible for this service may not need it for all of their classes. Therefore, verify with the student that they will require this service for your class. If the student needs a note taker for your class, then the student should provide you with a note taker packet.

There are several options for securing a note taker. You and the DRC registered student should decide on which option to utilize:

  1. The registered student may know of a possible note taker
  2. Instructor makes an announcement at the start of class or sends a class email (do not identify the student) that a note taker is needed for this class
  3. Instructor can recruit a note taker. Observe students’ classroom traits e.g. attendance, listening skills, participation, etc. Once you have identified a likely recruit, approach that student and request their assistance in filling a vital class need
  4. Instructor may supply the DRC student with copies of their own course notes, power-points, and lecture materials. If this is the option chosen, the student must sign an agreement for receiving course lecture materials
  5. If you are still having trouble securing a note taker, contact the DRC. It is critical that a student who qualifies for this service receive this service

Instructions for recording notes are included for the note taker in the packet. Note taking services are not intended to be a substitute for class attendance unless other arrangements have been made with DRC.

Important points to remember:

  • It is important that you keep the student’s identity confidential
  • Please ask the student if they prefer notes in print or cursive form
  • Please look over the notes before handing them to the designated student for quality and accuracy
  • Please have the note taker contact the DRC if a letter of appreciation to verify Community Service is desired

A Message to our Note Takers...

Note takers are very important to the success of program access for some students. Thank you for providing this important service. When taking notes please keep these suggestions in mind:

  • Attend class each time it meets. Contact the Professor as soon as possible if you cannot attend that day.
  • Arrive at class on time. Important announcements are made at the beginning of class. Be careful to include when assignments are due or exams will be given.
  • Record all references, assignments and special notices accurately and in detail.
  • Number, title, and date each page.
  • Write clearly and legibly. Printing may be preferred.
  • Record all the principle points made by the instructor.
  • Write in sufficient detail so that the notes have meaning without additional explanation.
  • Include all diagrams, examples and board work notes. Organize material clearly.
  • Spell correctly
  • Do not use abbreviations unless they are commonly accepted or defined in the notes.
  • Keep your personal opinions out of your notes.
  • If you miss something during the lecture, leave a blank in your notes and fill it in after class or check with the professor.
  • Make sure your notes will go through both sides of the carbonless paper.
  • Give a copy of the notes to the professor and keep a copy for yourself.

Thank you so much for your assistance with this service. If you wish to receive a letter of appreciation to verify Community Service Hours please contact DRC. We will be happy to write one for you.

Contact Us

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