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Intellectual Wellness Resources

Intellectual Wellness

The intellectually well person values lifelong learning and seeks to foster critical thinking, develop moral reasoning, expand worldviews and engage in education for the pursuit of knowledge. Intellectual wellness is achieving academic success, demonstrating learning and using information well.

Taking an Active Role in Your Intellectual Wellness

Choose a major or program of study that you find engaging, challenging and enriching. Develop effective time management and study strategies. Seek out experiential learning through internships, co-ops, jobs, service-learning opportunities, education abroad and more. Engage in activities that will enhance your intellectual wellness such as reading for fun or participating in a trivia night.

Resources Through Flagler College

Center for Advising and Core Experience (CACE)
Located on the 3rd Floor, Proctor Library.
Flagler Students receive personalized guidance from their advising team throughout their time at Flagler, from discovering a major to creating a four-year plan.

Disability Resource Center (DRC)
Located on the 2nd floor, Proctor Library, L211 & L202.
The (DRC) provides reasonable curricular/co-curricular accommodations to ensure that students with disabilities have access to the College and its programs through intentional interventions, programs, and services. The DRC can process accommodation requests for: testing, alternate texts, interpreters, listening devices, digital recorders, readers, note-takers, and more!

Learning Resource Center (LRC)
Located at the Coquina Breezeway (Daytime) or Proctor Library (Evening).
The LRC is a tutoring center by Flagler students, for Flagler students. Highly-trained peer tutors are available for appointment-based, one-on-one and small group tutoring and are supervised by Lab Coordinators who are experts in their diverse fields. The LRC exists to support students in their coursework, providing dedicated academic assistance and a convenient place to study. LRC Divisions include: Academic Success Lab, English for Academic Purposes Center, Math and Business, Science Learning Lab, World Languages, and Writing Center.

Community Tools for Intellectual Development & Wellness

Podcasts & Audiobook Apps
App to borrow free audiobooks from your local library on your phone.
Subscribe to audiobooks and podcasts through Amazon Audible for a monthly fee.

Websites & Articles
A resource for all students. If you’re looking for ways to study more effectively, be more competitive in your career field, or become more productive in general.



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