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Health & Wellness

Social Wellness Resources

Social Wellness

The socially well person has a network of support based on interdependence, mutual trust, respect and has developed a sensitivity and awareness towards the feelings of others. Social wellness is the ability to develop close and sustaining relationships and engage in successful interaction with others.

Taking an Active Role in Your Social Wellness

Join an interest or activity-based group, attend community events and gatherings and make time in your routine for social connection. Get to know your classmates and professors. Communicate regularly with others and work on being open, vulnerable, nonjudgmental and kind. When you are spending time with loved ones, focus on being fully present in the moment.

Flagler Resources

The official Flagler College Athletics website. Our sports, teams, game schedules, player information, and fan shop. Support your saints today.

Campus Community
Your resource for the latest major updates within the Flagler Community and the Flagler College Magazine.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion promotes a culture of inclusion where individuals from all racial and ethnic identities, ages, nationalities, social and economic status, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, religious, political and ideological perspectives, and physical and mental abilities are able to thrive and be engaged as students, faculty and staff. This page has a list of events as well as social justice resources.

Living Off Campus
Your guide for navigating off-campus housing in the city of St. Augustine. Visit this page for your neighborhood brochure and commuter’s handbook.

Residence Life (On Campus)
Located at Student Services Room 224, 2nd floor, Ringhaver Student Center. The goal of the Residence Life Office is to help you feel at home in your Residence Hall. Your resource for assistance with finding a roommate, navigating roommate conflicts, maintenance matters in the residence halls.

Ringhaver Student Center
The Ringhaver Student Center is the main gathering place for the campus community. You might find your community relaxing around one of our big-screen televisions during the game, enjoying a bite to eat at The Bistro, challenging peers to a game of ping pong, or maybe during one of the many events held here.

Saints Connect
The official campus community platform at Flagler College. One-stop shop for what’s happening at Flagler College.

Student Clubs & Organizations
Student groups are a great way to get involved on campus and meet friends who have similar interests. This website provides a complete list of our student clubs and also how to start a club of your own.

Student Handbook
The Flagler College Student Handbook outlines the College's rules and regulations for our students. Its purpose is to convey the expectations regarding student conduct.

This page is your one-stop shop for Flagler College campus resources.

Community Resources

Legal Services

Jacksonville Area Legal Aid (St. Augustine)
Non-profit law firm dedicated to providing free civil legal assistance. Free legal services for low income or special needs residents in Northeast Florida.


St. Johns County Housing Partnership
Works to repair or build financially sustainable houses to help keep people in their home or in a new home (lots of volunteer opportunities too!)

Lions Club
Global network of volunteers working together to form unique friendships and meaningful connections while improving their community.

St. Johns County Council on Aging
Endless resources for successful aging. The COA provides free meals, memory enhancement programs, physical activities, strategies for health challenges, and social clubs for seniors.

The Salvation Army
Provides a wide variety of support and services to those struggling (shelter, food pantry, meal service, life skills, rent assistance, summer camps and more)

Hopefull Handbags
Volunteers are central to meeting the mission Hopefull Handbags. They help us raise awareness about the issue of domestic violence, work to prevent it, and provide support and HOPE to survivors.

Community Membership

St. Johns County Clerk of Courts
Driver’s license renewal, passports, marriage license, official records search, jury duty, civil and criminal courts.