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FEMA Public Notice

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has received the subgrant application for Flagler College’s building repairs due to damages in Hurricane Matthew (DR‐4283‐FL PW 00850). Pursuant to Executive Order 11988 and 44 CFR Part 9.12, final notice is hereby given of FEMA’s intent to provide funding for this project under the Public Assistance (PA) Program.

An initial disaster‐wide Public Notice was published November 21, 2016 for Hurricane Matthew. Comments and other information received were fully evaluated by FEMA along with evaluation of social, economic, environmental, and safety considerations. This notice serves as a project‐specific final notice for FEMA’s funding action located within the floodplain.

Funding for the proposed project will be conditional upon compliance with all applicable federal, tribal, state and local laws, regulations, floodplain standards, permit requirements and conditions. This action complies with the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) requirements.

Responsible Entity

FEMA Public Assistance (PA) Program


Flagler College

Project Title(s)


Locations of Proposed Work

1 Malage Street, St. Augustine, Flagler FL 32084
12 Granada St., St. Augustine, Flagler FL 32084
74 King Street, St. Augustine, Flagler FL 32084
18 Valencia Street, St. Augustine, Flagler FL 32084
8 Valencia Street, St. Augustine, Flagler FL 32084
74 King Street, St. Augustine, Flagler FL 32084
57 Valencia St., St. Augustine, Flagler FL 32084
9 Carrera Street, St. Augustine, Flagler FL 32084
65 Valencia St., St. Augustine, Flagler FL 32084


Project is located in the AE Zone, otherwise known as area of 100‐year flooding, per St. Johns County FIRM Panel #12109C0314 J dated 12/07/2019.

Proposed Work and Purpose

Flagler College made multiple repairs to several buildings throughout their campus in St. Augustine. Repairs were made to the building’s interior and exterior, roofing, contents, furniture, and interior and exterior utilities. Flagler College had a Hazard Mitigation Proposal to install flood door dams in 5 buildings: the gymnasium, Palm Cottage, Ponce De Leon Hall, the tennis Center, Thompson Hall, and the Youth Ministries building. The door dams do not result in any permanent changes to the buildings. Flagler College also built a temporary waterproof wall around the fire suppression pump and motor in the basement. Some of the project’s sites are located within the Model Land Company Historic District and the St. Augustine Historic District. The Ponce De Leon Hall is a National Historic Landmark (reference number 75002067).

Project Alternatives

FEMA has considered the no action alternative and has found that it would not be feasible as the area will remain vulnerable to flood risk, including property damage and hazards to human life and safety. The no‐action alternative would potentially have adverse social, economic, and public safety impacts within the community. Alternate locations were not considered as the damaged elements are part of a larger campus and relocating the entire college campus would not be practicable.


This will serve as the final public notice regarding the above‐described action funded by the FEMA PA program. Interested persons may submit comments, questions, or request a map of this specific project by writing to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Region 4, 3003 Chamblee‐Tucker Road, Atlanta, Georgia 30341, or by emailing Comments should be sent in writing with the subject line FL‐4283‐PW‐ 00850, Flagler College at the above address within 15 days of the date of this notice.