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Office of Student Leadership and Engagement

The mission of the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement is to provide an eclectic array of activities, student clubs and organizations, leadership opportunities, and service-learning projects for all students.

This office promotes co-curricular interaction between faculty, administration, and students to assist in promoting personal growth and development for our students. It is a primary goal of this office to foster a sense of community, on and off campus, and offer activities that fit the varying needs of a diverse student population.

Here are a few tips for enhancing your involvement journey:

  1. Find opportunities on campus or in the community
  2. Keep an open mind when trying to get involved
  3. Choose opportunities that interest you
  4. Find a balance between academics, work, extra-curriculars, & other responsibilities
  5. Join student organizations or hold positions within an organization to gain experience and to be active in the community