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What Happens to My Accounts, Files, and Emails After I Graduate?

Email and MyFlagler Account Deletion

After you graduate, Flagler College Technology Services will delete the following data and accounts:

  • Your email account, including all email messages and contacts
  • Your MyFlagler access (including access to your academic history information, unofficial transcript, etc.)
  • Any files stored on the Windows lab computer network (My Documents, Desktop, etc.)
  • Any files stored in your Mac Student or Class network folder

These items WILL be deleted and ALL DATA removed from our system on a schedule, with no exceptions:

  • Fall graduates' accounts are removed on July 31 of the year after you graduate.
  • Spring graduates' accounts are removed on January 31 of the year after you graduate.
  • Summer graduates' accounts are removed on January 31 of the year after you graduate.

Mandatory Steps to Prepare for the Deletion

Follow ALL of the steps below to make sure you are ready for your email account and MyFlagler account to be deleted.

Download your network files from anywhere using Flagler Connect

You can use Flagler Connect to download all of your files at once to your personal computer without coming to campus. To download all of your files at once, follow the instructions on the File Connect page under "Work With Files" > "Download Multiple Files or a Whole Folder."

Configure automatic replies to make your contacts aware of your alternate contact information

Automatically forward your incoming email to an alternate email account

Download a copy of your email mailbox <link>

Make sure to download a copy of your email mailbox. After your account is deleted, you will no longer have access to your emails and we will not be able to obtain old emails for you.

Download and print a copy of your course history and grades from MyFlagler

Remember that after you graduate, you will no longer have MyFlagler access, so do this now and store the file and paper in a safe place.

Optional - Request a Google Apps Alumni Email Account

If you need an email account now, you can request one from the Alumni Office. An alumni email account is simply a Gmail account that ends in instead of You can always come back and request an alumni email account at any time in the future! If you sign up for an alumni email account, use the tutorials below to get set up.

Request an Alumni Email Account Alumni Email Login

Use Google's auto-migrate tool for moving your current @Flagler email address emails to your alumni inbox

Logging in to an Alumni account when you already have a Gmail Account

Connect Gmail with Alumni Email

Make sure emails from accounts are not marked as spam

Add your Alumni account to an email app